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We are heading towards a new technology shift, also in supply chain & operations. Be prepared. Be a digital winner.

Augmented Planning Technology

A new technology framework will drive the transition towards LightsOutPlanning. Leveraging company data that is becoming more and more available in enterprise data lakes, grids and rivers. Building further on the systems of records and advanced planning systems that many of our customers have been implementing over the last decades.

Yet adding the necessary layer of capabilities to become truly end-to-end in thinking and acting. Paving the way towards the autonomous and self-learning supply chain.

Digital skills, for tomorrow’s challenges

Tomorrow’s business environment requires new skills. Start developing them today.

We preach digital evolution, not revolution.

Blob Data

It’s is all about data, data and data. Coming from multiple source systems and in all kind of structures. Or even not structured at all. From both internal and external origin. LightsOutPlanning enables you to process hundreds to billions of objects, and create actionable insights on the fly.

Crawling Techniques

The LightsOutPlanning crawlers (or bots), master your data like never before. They create new links, trace full end-to-end product flows and cluster your supply chain nodes in meaningful groups. The bots make sure you get a data-driven view on reality, always on and end-to-end.

Algorithmic Processing

LightsOutPlanning operates algorithmic, every day again. It syncs with operational systems, cleans and enriches, reveals dependencies and predicts / prescribes forward looking behavior – across functional borders.

Artificial Intelligence

We truly believe in lifelong learning … platforms. LightsOutPlanning uses machine learning & AI techniques to build knowledge and intelligence. How else can we keep on creating better understandings, proposing better actions and recommending better decisions?

Graph Visualization

LightsOutPlanning visualizes data like you want to experience real life: comprehensive, normalized, yet richly connected and contextual. You can view your data from any angle or point of interest, supporting each of your many different use cases.


Oh, and of course LightsOutPlanning is …


#LOP is built on 100% latest cloud based technology, or what would you expect.


#LOP is made to hold lots of data. That means we are dead serious about security.


#LOP seamlessly integrates with your existing technology & data landscape.


#LOP thinks big, starts small and scales fast. So yes, our technology is … scalable.

UX Driven

#LOP is designed in the most modern way. And you feel it when you use it.

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Spot supply chain future

Based on years of experience with projects touching different aspects of supply chain & operations in various sectors,
we spotted supply chain future. And LightsOut is what it looks like.


Connect & integrate your end-to-end network. Make sure all partners are in full sync – always.


Create meaningful insights from the different levels of your supply chain and learn where you can improve.


Run scenarios with colleagues and aim for actual financial results by automatically steering your operations.


Let your company shine in the era of industry 4.0. Focus 30% on keeping the lights on and 70% on value creation.