Features for #LightsOutPlanning

Create a Virtual Twin

Get your supply chain model right and dynamic, by mirroring your physical world into a virtual twin. LightsOutPlanning connects with your transactional data, crawls through it and automatically builds up your multi-level E2E network. Remove data silos and start to discover your business from multiple angles.

Get E2E Visbility

Monitor millions of events every single day and relate them to your virtual twin. Get visibility across your entire network on the most important business matters. Start working across different horizons and install alerts to proactively highlight unusual events.

Set Smart Parameters

Tab into your key supply chain parameters at any moment. Activate smart algorithms to learn from internal and external data. Discover influencing factors to plot forward looking behavior.  Drive better supply chain decisions based on real data & smart parameters.

Optimize E2E Financials

Overlay your virtual twin with your financials. Get bottom line results by financially optimizing your E2E chain. Walk through different propositions on most profitable product mix, sourcing allocation, flows and customers / regions. Activate perpetual scenario management, so together you can take the right tactical and strategic business decisions.

Monitor the Control Tower

Create your personal situation room to have your most valuable views close by. Receive proactive notifications when new opportunities are discovered or matters at hand require your immediate attention. Collaborate with colleagues and share your insights.

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Oh, and of course we are…


LOP is built on 100% latest cloud based technology, or what would you expect.


LOP is made to hold data, lots of data. And that means we are dead serious about security, always.


We integrate with you and your current technology & data landscape. The digital supply chain revolution starts with integration not with displacement.


The LOP motto is ‘think big, start small, scale fast’. So yes, our technology is … scalable.

UX Driven

LOP is designed by the most modern way of looking at business applications, and as a user … well you just feel it when you use it.